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Divorce in California

Divorce is, without a doubt, a difficult time for everyone involved. It is always a painful decision to make and potentially an even more excruciating one to accept.
Typically the divorce process lasts around 15 months. However, the after-shocks of a divorce can last for several years – and can stay with some people for life.

You Are Not Alone

The good news is: help is here
The divorce experts at Kenneth Flood Law the very best and experienced divorce attorneys available and will walk you through your case with knowledge and empathy. You can’t process the swarming emotions of a divorce,  those same feelings distort your decision making along the way. But divorce is not a moment of a complete loss. Your initial decisions made can impact the rest of your case. Those made in fear or anger make for a terrible basis in decision-making. It is the next chapter of your life – so get it off to the right start.
With a cool, experienced head by your side, Kenneth Flood Law divorce attorneys will guide you through the divorce process from start to finish.

 What Are the Requirements?

  • California is a “No-Fault” Divorce State:
    • This means that the person filing for divorce does not need to prove any fault on the spouse’s behalf.
    • A divorce can be decided by just one person in the relationship.
    • If one spouse decides to terminate the marriage, there is nothing the other spouse can do to prevent this from happening.
    • A no-fault state requires that a judge does not pass any judgment based on blame towards the most culpable individual in the divorce case.
      • For example, there would not be harsher judgments made to an individual who committed adultery and caused the marriage to end.
    • Division of Assets such as property should, in theory, be divided as close to evenly as possible in a no-fault system.

    Residency Requirements

    • Before you file for divorce in California, you must reach certain residency requirements:
    • You must have lived in California for at least six months prior to seeking a divorce through the court system.
    • If you and your partner currently live in separate counties, you can file for divorce in one of either of those counties – provided one of you have lived there for three months.
    • A legal separation, not equal to divorce, does not require these residency requirements. This is an option for those who do not meet the criteria above.
    • You can, therefore, petition for a legal separation whilst waiting for enough time to pass to fulfill the Residency Requirements for a divorce in California.

    Grounds for Divorce

    As mentioned, California is a No-Fault state, so proof of a partner’s wrongdoing is not necessary.
    However, a fault is not irrelevant. it can affect some of the decision making in court cases.
    For example, if there has been domestic violence within the relationship, this may affect decisions made when it comes to child custody. It is still vital that you receive the best legal advice on how to acquire relevant evidence, without resorting to pointing fingers.

    Once you have met residency requirements, you can file for divorce based on one of two criteria:

    • Irreconcilable differences
    • Legal incapacity to make decisions

    These requirements are loosely termed in order to allow for a case for divorce to be based on the unique aspects of your overall situation. A rigid system would not benefit either party in most cases.

    It is best to start on the front foot. Do not make decisions out of anger, fear, or resentment. Allow this to be the beginning of the next, important step in your life.  The experienced attorneys at Kenneth Flood Law are here to help you every step of the way. 

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24 Hours a Day (800) 475-9177

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